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        十年砥砺,坚守初心/Ten years tempering, we keep adhering to original heart

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        Tianjin Baolixin Superhard Material Co., LTD., founded in 2008, is located in Tianjin who known as the Pearl of Bohai Sea. Baolixn specializing in the development, production and sales of CVD diamond film products.



        Ten years achieving, Baolixin has always focused on the improvement of technology, the transformation of production equipment, and the R&D of new products. Our production equipment and testing equipment are all at the advanced level in the industry. Our CVD products performed stable quality, which helps us won many loyal customers in domestic market. Meanwhile, we have also opened up markets in Europe, East Asia, South Asia, as well as other regions.


        品质源于匠心,满足客户的需求,是我们最大的使命。我司力求根据客户需要制定产品性能. 我司生产的CVD金刚石产品现可应用到以下几大领域:拉丝模芯,机床修整工具,机床切削刀具,半导体热沉器件,光学窗口,石油勘探钻头等。

        Product quality originates from craftsmanship, and to satisfy the customer's demand is our biggest mission. We strive to make products performance according to the needs of customers. Our CVD diamond products now can be applied to the following fields : wire drawing die, machinery dressing tools, machinery cutting tools, semiconductor heatsink devices, optical window, oil exploration drill bit, etc.


        Adhering to the original heart, based on the existing development, Baolixin will continue to improve research and development capacity, focus on the new market trend, advance with the times, create a better future with you!

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